The Purpose

Massage schools are completely terrible at teaching new therapists to manage a company. My first year in business sucked. I mean really, really bad. I probably only saw 10-15 clients. I had absolutely no idea what to do with myself now that I was a “business owner.”  I felt like a total fraud. Until I interviewed my friends that were in business, read dozens of books, met dozens of other business owners, tried, tried again & experienced the pain and tears – and the joy and delight – that is business life.

As much as I recognize the value in that time, I don’t want other massage therapists to have the experience I did. I want them to succeed quicker, with less effort, less loss, and less cost than I did.

About Kristie

Kristie grew up on a dairy farm in rural Pennsylvania, that will always be home. She can quote Frasier episodes from memory, intends to see Wicked 100 times before she dies, and believes that there’s no such thing as too many days spent in Greece. She lives in Orange County, California with her husband, Pedro, and their 9-year-old little boy (cat) Milo.